New development for nonwoven application!

We are focusing on environment and safety! The newest example of our dedication is a novel acrylic polymer for use in demanding nonwoven applications. Formaldehyde free acrylic chemistry guarantees the performance, if it is durability, stiffness, strength or superior binding properties that you are after. The new product can be applied by spraying or impregnating, or in size press. Versatility is a clear benefit of any product. This we believe to have achieved.


Our standard test process series is done with Mathis size press. Both wet and dry tensile strength were up +17% compared to the standard formaldehyde containing product.

Let us know if we can help you to make a greener choice with our CHP 637!


Chemistry made to fit!

Posted on November 28, 2017 .


At PTS 2017 CH-Polymers and Chemec proudly presented with BTG Instruments our joint dive into deeper testliner surface sizing process understanding, based on a Master’s thesis work in collaboration with Åbo Akademi (Misla Lagus 2016-2017).

Posted on September 18, 2017 .

Best Paper of Papercon 2017!


Presentation by CH-Polymers and Tampere University of Technology was chosen the best paper of the Papercon 2017 conference, The Coating and Graphic Arts Division, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA! 

Lic.Sc.(Tech) Päivi Miettinen and PhD Mia Ahokas from CH-Polymers Oy and M.Sc.(Tech) Sanna Auvinen from Tampere University of Technology (co-authors M.Sc. Jaana Heinonen and M Sc. (Tech) Tom Engström) presented a paper: The Role of Base Substrate in barrier and convertibility properties of Water Based Barrier Coated (WBBC) Paper Board and Paper. 

Send your contact details to to get immediate access to the winning paper! We are happy to tell you more about our solutions for various barrier requirements such as grease, water vapour and mineral oil migration. If you are looking for more sustainable solutions and efficiency in form of repulpable on-line systems, contact us to hear more about our solutions!

Posted on April 27, 2017 .

April was a busy Exhibition month on the European continent

CH-Polymers participated in:

-European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, Germany
-Specialty Papers Europe 2017 in Cologne, Germany
-Filtrex 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland

We want to thank all the customers and partners, current and potential ones, for all your interest and valuable discussions about chemistry, business, value, opportunities and later in the evening  - life itself!  It was our pleasure to meet you all!

Posted on April 26, 2017 .

The show is on the road again, bringing our latest news about barrier technology to the American continent

Meet us at the Papercon 2017 exhibition in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA!  Lic.Sc.(Tech) Päivi Miettinen will give a presentation about barrier coatings  - hear about the latest findings and how to create a greener future for next generations.  

Read more:

Interested in packaging and barrier solutions? Call us to meet at the next exhibition  #Interpack17!

Posted on April 23, 2017 .

ISO 14001 certificate granted to CH-Polymers

Clean and safe environment is important to all of us not to mention the generations to come. We are pleased to announce that our focus on environment has now resulted in a certified ISO 14001 management system! Systematic focus on improving our environmental footprint has already resulted in several process changes and new recycled or biomaterial containing products have been introduced to the market. With the help of these our customers can be part of increasing material handling efficiency in the value chain. Contact us to find out if you can be part of this development!

Posted on December 28, 2016 .