Tappi advanced coating symposium

CH-Polymers proudly presented the most recent research data on suitable test methods for testing of Water Based Barrier Coatings (WBBC) and the relevance of these when converting the coated board into final packages. The topic of sustainable solutions and how to do it in practice was clearly an interesting one, based on the number and depth of questions after the presentation and during the evening.

When using new technologies some of the old “truths” may not be valid any longer. This is what we also found when testing the standard board properties against the real life properties required of the final packages.

The main findings were:

  • Grease resistance measured by ASTM standard (flat) does not correlate with creased and folded packages
  • When producing packages, creasability and blocking lab scale results can be used to predict the production scale results
  • No correlation between various hot air lab testing methods and no correlation with lab test results and production scale cup making
    --> Better understanding is needed how to measure the heat sealing properties of WBBC materials
  • Production scale cup making results indicate strongly that WBBC`s can be used instead of PE as long as blocking properties are controlled.
  • Production scale die-cutting, folding and side gluing results were good
    --> By adjusting the barrier dispersion properties, good balance of various converting properties can be reached with the new generation WBBC materials  

Convertibility of packaging materials coated with the new generation Water Based Barrier Coatings (WBBC)

Tech. Lis. P. Miettinen / CH-Polymers Oy, Espoo, Finland
M. Sc. T.Engström / CH-Polymers Oy, Espoo, Finland
M.Sc. J.Heinonen / CH-Polymers Oy, Espoo, Finland
Tech. Dr. M.Ahokas / CH-Polymers Oy, Espoo, Finland
M.Sc. S. Auvinen 2 / Tampere University of Technology, Finland
M.Sc. Harri Mutanen / Paperex Colombier Oy, Pyhtää, Finland
B.Sc. Carl-Erik Guttormsen / Paperex Colombier Oy, Pyhtää, Finland


Many thanks to Päivi Miettinen for a great presentation! We also want to thank our research partners:

Posted on October 7, 2016 .