CH-Polymers barrier presentation raising well deserved interest at Pactec Seminar!

Päivi Miettinen presented new research data in the area of barrier caotings at Pactec Seminar in Helsinki. The presentation was well received and raised well deserved interest. We contribute to Finland´s reputation as the “Cleantech” country by developing solutions that are both better for the environment and safer for end-users, not forgetting the need for ever improved production efficiency.

Here a summary of our presentation given by Päivi Miettinen, Application director, CH-Polymers Oy

Amongst the most significant requirements in the packaging industry now and in the future are increased barrier properties and extended shelf life. Consumer demands have also directed development of a wide range of consumer friendly packages, and in addition, pressure to reduce costs has demanded improvements to ease of processing materials and recyclability.


Three specific drivers have been identified to boost the demand for Water Based Barrier Coatings (WBBs).  

1. Environment

- New waste taxes introduced to protect the environment
- Recyclable materials preferred, especially monomaterials
- Biodegradability of coatings and materials

2. Safety

- Harmful migrations from the packaging into food stuff
- Mineral oil migration from recycled materials
- Replacing use of fluorochemicals

3. Cost Efficiency

- In-line coatings processes improve production efficiency and minimize waste during manufacturing of packaging materials.

CH-Polymers´solutions to various barrier needs:

All of the solutions above are:

  • Applicable with standard coating methods in line

  • Renewable raw materials (up to 30%)

  • For packaging paper and board, also direct food contact

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Posted on September 28, 2016 .