CH-Polymers, established in 2009, supplies high quality binders for paper and packaging, nonwoven and paints & coatings industries. CHP binders are used to manufacture technically and commercially highly competitive end-products. We provide dynamic and innovative solutions tailored to customer needs with an excellent laboratory and a state-of-the-art production plant. Our people are experienced professionals in their fields and we all share a clear customer focus.

Our R&D develops new concepts and solutions to address the ever changing market requirements. Safety and environment are highly ranked values for us. Several of our development projects aim to produce more sustainable solutions, different barrier applications being one key area.

Joint owner base links us with our co-operation companies. We work together and share R&D facilities with


Oy Chemec Ab

Our mother company specializing on industrial services & products.


FP-Pigments Oy

Producing high performance specialty pigments.


CH-Bioforce Oy

Specialist in biopolymers produced by unique fractionation technology.