We make bio economy a reality one step at a time

Oil-based products are slowly but surely exiting the global market. More and more, companies utilize bio-based materials to make their new products as the fight against climate change accelerates. However, the new “bio economy” will not materialize over night – in addition to attitude adjustment and technological breakthroughs, a lot of hard, hard work is required.


Bio-based Raw Materials


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Vast range of products

Nonwoven & Specialties deals with décor paper, roofing, wall covers, filtration and glass fiber impregnation, to mention but a few areas. The existing product range has been noted for its quality-orientation and versatility, but we are of the opinion that we can do so much more. Working together with our customers, we have the ability to keep coming up with products that offer high performance – and have a dedicated green streak, as well.

Untapped potential

The potential of bio-based raw materials in the nonwoven industry remains, for the most part, unmapped and untapped.  But if you were to start, say, with a high performance binder that features a good balance of strength and hydrophobicity – and then replace part of the raw material with a renewable raw material in the polymerization itself – this would open up a whole new field of opportunity.

Vision: Bio-based: the new black

CH-Polymers is committed to the vision of a world where the supremacy of oil is but a memory and bio-based products form the norm. In Nonwoven & Specialties, this work is very hands-on: we are formulating new products for very specific customer demands where the green mindset cuts to the core.

Give your product a "bioboost"

We are most certainly on the threshold of a new era here, as adding a “bioboost” into the mix is an exciting prospect. At CH-Polymers, we are eager to find out what the future holds for our business – and stand ready to help our customers flourish through the coming transition.

“We’re just getting started with the green innovations at Nonwoven & Specialties. There is a lot more that we can accomplish with recyclable bio-based raw materials in the years to come. Together with our customers, we will find the sustainable solutions that really deliver the results.”

— Kimmo Huhtala, R&D Manager, Nonwoven and Specialties

Formaldehyde-free binders


Say ‘bye-bye’ to formaldehyde…
and ‘hello’ to new & improved products!

Green success stories

In addition to bio-based raw materials, we have been working very actively on the development of formaldehyde-free binders for nonwoven applications. We have launched a new product family which features excellent properties with styrene-acrylate binders that are totally formaldehyde-free and are looking to expand the scope of these green success stories.

Commitment to R&D excellence

For Nonwoven & Specialties, the introduction of formaldehyde-free binders represents yet another area where diligent research has yielded great results – and it is but one recent example of our commitment to R&D excellence. 

“Being family-owned, we have a service mindset that offers an extra degree of flexibility, as we’re able to get a lot of things done – very fast indeed. Our strength as a supplier is that we are working very closely with our customers to meet their needs as well as those of the market.”

— Sanna Salonen, Technical Sales Manager, Nonwoven and Specialties