The Cleanability Age: Going Beyond the Surface

Various trends are changing the face of the Paints & Coatings industry. There are concerns ranging from the environmental to the economic, from health issues to quality of life. CH-Polymers is tackling these challenges head on, armed with next-generation technology and plenty of brain power.


Easy Clean


Spilled coffee on your wall while rushing down the stairs?…red wine stain on the wall? …or kids’ playing leaving its tell-tale marks?  

- The “Easy Clean” feature of interior paints helps to address this problem in a novel way.


Stain-free surfaces

With our latest innovation, we help create surfaces on which stains do not penetrate as easily – and even if stains are left on the surface for a long period time, they are still easy enough to remove.

But how exactly do we do it?

The secret is in optimizing the polymer film. This involves balancing a range of different properties – and when it comes to stain resistance, hydrophobicity is the key. The end result is simply unrivalled cleanability.

Benefits of hydrophobicity

In fact, hydrophobicity delivers benefits across a whole range of applications – exterior house paints, protective & anti-corrosion coatings and marble stone plasters are just some examples. For us, it’s all about the big picture: we want surfaces – both indoor and outdoor – that stay looking as good as new for years to come.

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Why do it the hard way – do it easy with CHP 536.


“Powerful trends such as Easy Clean and indoor air quality are not going anywhere in the coming years – and we have the tools and the technology to help the players of Paints & Coatings industry address these issues.”

— Gun Lundsten, R&D Manager, Paints and Coatings

Wood surfaces

For extreme weather conditions, you need out-of-the-box solutions.
Check out what our state-of-the-smart binder optimization can do for you!

The Nordic coverage

Wooden houses are very popular in Scandinavia and many other areas of the world. But wooden construction presents its own particular challenges, especially when combined with our Nordic climate. Freezing nights and warm days are part of our everyday lives. Our answer to this is flexibility: we optimize binders to prevent paint coating from cracking during freezing temperatures and from stretching too much when it’s warm and sunny.

Enduring the Scandinavian climate

We have a strong track record in creating polymers for wooden houses to cope with the toughest weather conditions. Our exposure and QUV testing programs cover everything from the harsh Nordic climate to the extreme heat and humidity of tropical regions.

Exposure testing includes sunny days, too.

“For us niche markets are extremely important, since we have the know-how to make highly specialized products. Increasingly the common theme in our products is functionality: we make products which perform well and get you clear results.”

— Gun Lundsten, R&D Manager, Paints and Coatings