Who are we?

CH-Polymers provides dynamic and innovative solutions tailored to your needs. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Experienced and streamlined

CH-Polymers’ story started already 40 years ago, even though it was founded only in 2009. Our considerable binder knowledge was acquired through mergers and acquisitions over the years before CH-Polymers came into being.

 CH Polymers

Top-class quality

When we started out, we already had an excellent laboratory and smoothly running production lines.  Our laboratory is one of the best in Europe for polymer emulsion development and application testing. The production plant in Kaipiainen, Finland, dates from the 1980s and is one of the largest acrylic dispersion plants in Europe. More than anything, however, our long history can be seen in our knowledgeable personnel and their vast expertise, which has been gained from practical experience.

 CH Polymers

Bound to save energy - Story of a energy efficiency project in Kaipiainen

Swimming against the current

Our strategy is to swim against the current. Everyone in the company has the right and obligation to think for themselves and share their views freely in our small working community. The synergy that comes from sharing information between different fields is vital to our success.

Long-term benefits

We listen to our customers and we deliver what they need. We make choices that are good for them and for us in the long term, not just for this quarter or the next. CH-Polymers is a privately held company and we are here to stay.

The spirit of CH-Polymers

The spirit of CH-Polymers is special: relaxed, open-minded and resourceful. We experience it every day when we chat around our big coffee table in our Raisio office. We hope you can feel it too, when you sit down to talk with us. We want to develop personal working relationships with each other and with our clients. We want to put you at ease so that you can tell us what you really need.

 CH Polymers

Tailor-made for your needs

We will use all our resources to provide you and your clients with the best solutions available. We won’t try to sell you a product that we happen to have and we won’t settle for the product you already know – unless it’s perfect for you. Instead, we’ll tailor a product to your needs.

“Over 40 years of experience, state of the art R&D Centre and knowhow, combined with the most innovative brains ensures the launch pad for the products that are fulfilling the future needs already today!”

– Tapani Niskanen
Paper & Packaging


“We don’t follow the mainstream. Instead, we adjust our production to the changing demands of our operational field.”

Sauli Laakso


“We are constantly working on our product development in co-operation with our academic and commercial network to ensure our competitiveness.”

Tuija Andersson
Paints and Coatings & Nonwoven