Why choose us?

We are customer-oriented problem solvers with an excellent laboratory and a state-of-the-art production plant.

It all comes down to people

The most important are our people but they need an excellent laboratory and a smoothly running production plant in order to serve our customers. We also profit from our vast network, which consists of academic researchers as well as commercial operators. Last but by no means least, we are constantly learning valuable lessons from you – our customers.

 CH Polymers

Problem solvers and innovators

Our personnel are highly qualified and experts in their fields. Each of our three main product categories has its own experts. The knowledge our employees have acquired during their careers is priceless. All our employees are experienced professionals and well connected within the industry. They are problem solvers and innovators. They are committed to our clients and eager to continuously improve the products. They listen to your needs and they know how to solve your problems.      

 CH Polymers

World class laboratory

Our laboratory is the key to our success.  By combining the latest equipment and highly skilled scientists we are able to develop and test the products and also understand the end user requirements. We’re constantly looking for new features to enhance our products and give customers what they need. We’re the only company in our region that develops emulsion polymers. We continuously invest in our laboratory to ensure that we are able to keep pace with the latest industry trends.

 CH Polymers

Our production plant

Our production plant has two pilot production lines and five main production lines. As such it is perfect for product development and production. The co-operation between our R&D and production staff is seamless. From a one liter laboratory reactor we go, for instance, to 200 liter pilot production and then to a larger pilot before final production. We have longstanding relationships with our raw material suppliers and guarantee delivery reliability.  

Network of researchers

Our network consists mainly of academic researchers in Finland and in Europe as well as public research centers and of course our customers. We’re active in many publicly funded R&D projects with both academic and commercial interests. The aims of these projects are often very practical. The goal can for instance be finding the best polymers for paints in order to lengthen the outdoor painting season.

Close-knit with paper industry

The research involving the Finnish paper industry is very important for our development and we often offer our facilities for testing purposes. We are a subsidiary of Chemec Ltd. and we create synergies via research co-operation within the company.  

Our customers are our best trainers

We learn from you and you drive us to find the best solutions. We are proud to have the biggest companies in our field as our customers, but every customer is equally important to us, no matter how large or small. We offer tailored products for your needs.   

CH-Polymers Oy is committed to improving quality and to expanding the company’s activities, with the aim of ensuring consistent customer satisfaction.

CH-Polymers Oy is committed to the Responsible Care programme. 

Responsible Care is a voluntary international environment, health and safety initiative of the chemical industry. The goal of the programme is to ensure activities, which comply with the guidelines of sustainable development in terms of the environment, health and safety.

Quality system Certification

CH-Polymers Oy is committed to improving its operations on a continuous basis so that issues related to the environment, safety and health receive due attention. Also, the company is committed to developing its products and processes in a way that enhances the well-being of the society.


“We strive to create more sustainable products, to use materials even more efficiently and to develop products that use fewer resources.”

Tuija Andersson
Paints and Coatings

“With us the future is here already. Check some of our sustainable solutions ;Barrier, Ready- and Taylor made InkJet solutions, New generations VAcA products as well as surface Sizing product family.”

Tapani Niskanen
Paper & Packaging

“Our competitors are international giants. This means that we need something special to stand out from the crowd. Nobody else in the field is as committed to customer-oriented R&D as we are.“

Sauli Laakso