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Preparations for Jukola 2019 have started – Well-being at work

For the second year now, CH-Polymers will have a 7-member team participating in the Jukola orienteering relay. Now that the snow has melted, the training  becomes more frequent. You can for example find CH-Polymers’ workers every week taking part in the evening orienteering events organized by local orienteering clubs around Finland. The Jukola relay is the biggest sports event in Finland and the world’s biggest relay competition in orienteering. This year, about 20 000 orienteers will run in the forests of Kangasala all through the summer night 15.-16.6.! The members of the CH-Polymers’ team are from all the sites and business units of CH-Polymers. They come in all ages, both genders and also with a varied background in orienteering. With a few members having a competitive background (from a few years back) to some newbies with only some free-time orienteering experience, the aim of the team is to find all the control points and make it to the finish line. Above all, this offers the team members the possibility to challenge themselves both physically and mentally, experience the unique atmosphere of Jukola and get to know their workmates in another surrounding. And not to forget, the chance to enjoy the beautiful […]

CHP solutions for sustainable and safe food packaging

Sustainable and safe food packaging – presented in Specialty Papers Europe 10.4.2019 in Berlin by Mia Ahokas The European Union parliament just passed a vote on banning a wide-range of single-use plastic items by 2021. Consumers are encouraging the food industry to rethink and to focus on safe and sustainable solutions. Our Water Based Barrier Coating CHP BAR series is an answer to this new demand replacing polyethylene (PE) wax fluorocarbon When introducing new materials to existing technologies you encounter also new challenges like blocking in reel winding pile of sheets in converting during storage and transport The main challenge in application of  WBBCs is the blocking phenomenon. Blocking is an undesired adhesion between two surfaces. It can occur for example in a reel in winding, in a pile of sheets or in converting processes. These interactions are influenced by factors such as temperature pressure film roughness thickness and hardness friction moisture With our developed calender blocking test method we were able to efficiently identify blocking tendency of various different WBBC formulations. Moisture plays a crucial role in blocking of WBBCs. Water acts as a plasticizer making the barrier film softer and enabling adhesion to the contact surface. Changing technology […]

Excellent solutions for early blocking resistance in paints

Blocking resistance is often dependent on polymer hardness. Low film formation temperature is however also desirable. Using chemistry to create this then again compromises the chemical resistance properties of the paint. As a result of our persistent R&D efforts we have developed better solutions to address this issue. The work is presented by our R&D Manager Gun Lundsten in the latest issue of Polymer Paint Colour Journal, March 2019. Read the article here:  G_Lundsten_PPCJ_Vol_209_No 4649_(2019)_ pp_30-32

Sustainable and safe food packaging with biodegradable water based barrier coating solutions

Come and hear Mia Ahokas presenting our sustainable and safe food packaging with biodegradable water based barrier coating solutions at Specialty Papers Europe 2019 in Berlin 9.-10.4.2019. The European Union parliament just passed a vote on banning a wide-range of single-use plastic items by 2021. Also companies who produce single-use food containers will have to look for less polluting alternatives for these products. Nevertheless, it is above all the consumer who is making new demands on food packaging. More and more households are encouraging the food industry to rethink and to focus on safe and sustainable solutions. In recent years, considerable amount of work and effort has been put into the replacement of fossil based plastic materials with more environmentally friendly either recyclable and biodegradable materials or both such as Water Based Barrier Coatings (WBBC). We have developed a product family, CHP BAR series, for replacing PE, wax and fluorocarbon in food packaging.

Meet us at ECS in Nuremberg 19.-21.3. 2019

Come meet us at the European Coatings Show, Hall 7 Stand 425  After 40 years of producing Acrylic dispersions we now celebrate 10 years as CH-Polymers. Having earlier served the Paper and Packaging and Non-woven industries we entered the Paint industry in 2010. Thanks to our valued customers, this has certainly been a success! We focus on ecology, performance and emissions and proudly present the following products: CHP 536 Taking cleanability and stain resistance to the next level. CHP 553 Extremely low emissions from the paint film. MIT-free and biocide-free options are also available. CHP 581 Tannin locking technology locks the tannins into the paint film. The film keeps breathing therefore no blistering occures. CHP ECO SERIES To improve ecology we have replaced 10 % of oil based raw materials with non-oil based. Come and see for yourself, we certainly have plenty of concrete evidence to show you. To see our full range of binders for paints and coatings, please visit our website or come and ask us directly at the exhibition!      

Adhesion to difficult substrates – Meet Teemu Piesanen

Purpose of this project was to develop waterborne polymers that are suitable for polyethylene and polypropylene surfaces. Main research areas were polymer morphology use of specialty monomers Teemu at work in CH-Polymers’ laboratory ”I made my Master’s thesis for CH-Polymers, as part of their Adhesion project. I can certainly say that the project was interesting and it gave me and CH-Polymers additional information about morphology and adhesion.” –Teemu Piesanen, M.Sc. It is known that achieving adhesion to inert polyolefins is difficult without any surface treatment. Contact angle measurements and other adhesion analysis methods were used to characterize the performance of the polymers. As a conclusion a 40 % increase in adhesion was achieved. This is a great result in our multipurpose products. Teemu will continue his work at CHP laboratory. We are keen to know what he comes up with next! “Understanding the interactions between different materials opens brand new ideas to be applied in our product development. ”  -R&D Manager Gun Lundsten  

CH-Polymers presents new paint solutions at SLF Congress in Copenhagen

SLF Congress in Copenhagen 27.-28.9.2018 Better exterior house paints A study of Nordic exterior house paints, all given good scores in a test by Folksam Insurance company, will be presented at the SLF congress in Copenhagen. One of the key findings is that there are many ways to formulate a high-performance house paint. A balance of several features such as adhesion, water absorption and flexibility is greatly influenced by the choice of the binder. An open mind and new approaches to formulation are a good starting point when formulating new paints using the latest technology. Gun Lundsten will demonstrate to you how to minimize undesirable features such as water uptake while allowing the film to breathe. This opens up new opportunities to protect our beautiful Nordic wooden houses. This technology has been developed and tested in Finland for demanding Nordic conditions. Click here to receive a copy of the presentation after the congress: [email protected]   No to stains and tannins Check out our solutions for high-quality interior paints. Even the toughest wine and coffee stains are easy to remove when the paint is formulated with CHP 536. Watch this demonstration by local students to see for yourself Did you know that […]

Attention! We have detected a security breach in the CH-polymers e-mail system

To whom it may concern, Attention! We have received information that CH-Polymers Oy e-mail system has been a target of malicious hacking. Confidential information, such as order numbers, of CH-Polymers Oy may have been compromised. As a result of hacking e-mails appearing to originate from CH-Polymers may not be genuine. These emails may for example contain the request to change the bank details for CH-Polymers Oy. Exact name of the sender may vary from time to time. If you receive an e-mail requesting you to change existing bank details for CH-Polymers Oy please never follow on this request. Please also be careful with other suspicious requests or messages. Actions are taken to minimize the damage. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have further questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact me or your CH-Polymers Oy contact person. Yours sincerely, Sauli Laakso CEO CH-Polymers Oy Tel +358 50 600 79 [email protected]

CHP BAR series for serious barrier needs

Presenting new solutions to the industry is always a challenge. There are several steps to be taken from the bright idea into commercial solutions. First efforts in making barrier products were done already 30 years ago here in Raisio. Application area was packaging materials, paper bags etc. Back then the company was called Raisio Chemicals and it was also the same company that took the decison to build a dispersion plant in Kouvola, the plant that now serves as the production unit of CH-Polymers. From those days CH-Polymers has come a long way and proudly presents CHP BAR series at the PacTec 2018 exhibition in Helsinki. Changes in business environment such as Growing use of recycled fiber increases the significance of mineral oil barrier and Avoiding polyethylene films in packaging materials is gaining interest Sustainability is more than just a word, today it carries commercial importance and is a driver in many projects. Whenever foodstuff is involved, the safety issues cannot be compromised. Avoiding migration of harmful components such as mineral oils used in printing inks into foodstuff improves possibilities for recycling. CHP BAR plays a major role there. Ask more! Visit us at the PacTec exhibition @7e100 and we […]

Pactec 2018 exhibition Helsinki – Meet us there @7e100

CH-Polymers – working on replacing plastics and improving print quality CHP BAR for replacing plastics CH-Polymers´ new BAR series is a Water Based Barrier Coating (WBBC) and a solution for greener future. Barrier coatings against water, water vapor, grease and mineral oils are possible to be made using CHP BAR. Increasing consumption of fast food products growing demand of packages with barrier properties. Use of recycled fiber is a challenge for mineral oil barrier to avoid migration of oils from the packaging into foodstuff.  All of these applications can be made with CHP BAR and the end product remains biodegradable and can be recycled like standard paperboard. Online coating at the board machine increases efficiency as no separate coating or converting process is required. Trim cuts on the machine can be repulped which increases the efficiency even further. A separate CHP BAR line has been developed to meet converters´ requirements. The product is ready to be applied as such – being environmentally friendly cannot be easier than this. No need to use polyethylene, wax or fluorochemicals anymore! VAcA (Vinyl Acetate Acrylate) series for super print image High speed printing has high demands for print substrate. Ink settling has to be […]