“Via VAcA binder we are doing our part in the forest industry renaissance. Printed communications are not going anywhere and with our VAcA binder the image quality is our competitive edge. We want to offer our extensive knowledge in polymer chemistry and binder application to our customers – and believe that we can be a valuable partner to the customer’s product development team.“- Päivi Miettinen, Application Director
“We have more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing emulsion polymers. With the VAcA binder, we are about to write a brand new chapter into this success story.“- Tapani Niskanen, Director, Paper and Packaging
“The market is developing fast and the global packaging industry has a demand for these products. With our broad experience from the field, supported by fast and focused product development, we can react according to market needs quickly and deliver the solutions that benefit the most.“- Päivi Miettinen, Application Director

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Balanced polymer morphology with specialty raw materials is key to make a binder for stain-free walls. Stains such as those from coffee and red wine do not stick on our polymer, and what is left can be easily removed. With the right choice of fillers you will have removed the stain and kept the paint film intact, without burnishing. We recommend a maximum of PVC 30, and if you want a matt surface, use matting agents instead of increasing the PVC. CHP 536 is a superior acrylic dispersion for interior use and it also has the easy clean functionality!

CHP 536

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